We know how to get our way. And our way in this case, was to give the Arsenal Legend the title he had long gone by on these shores

Behold, Igwe Thierry Henry. A king beyond equal. Football royalty par excellence. Thierry Henry gets the Title Befitting of his immense Talents

The football royalty was on two days working visit to Lagos courtesy of Guinness Nigeria

And true to the program events at the Landmark Event Centre, the people, especially Arsenal fans, paid due homage to the King.

Igwe is a title of royalty in Igboland, Nigeria. It is a mark of excellence; of supreme leadership

Thierry Henry is fully deserving of this honour especially when you consider the high esteem he is held in Nigeria even years after his retirement

In a country that perpetually humiliates itself on parochial grounds, it is gladdening that in a rare show of unity, all Nigerians are united in this coronation

Igwe, iga adi! May your days be long!