Let me tell you what I’m most proud of the MASSOBs, the IPOBs, their leaders and the Biafra agenda. For 50 years the Nigerian state has acted as the legitimate aspirations of a people to self determination is an aberration that must not be discussed in the open space. They methodically suppressed the Biafra history and experience and chose to institute stuttering nation building programs like NYSC as the final nail on any nationalist agenda.  What the Nigerian government succeeded in doing however, was to pepper over the deep divide and agitation that ran through the Nigerian core. And for a while  they were successful until a generation that knew not the ravages of war but identifies wholly with the separatist ideal began to rise. We are most proud and indebted to these men and women whose collective sacrifices have put Biafra and the Igbo agenda back on the hot burner.  They have ensured that the lies and injustice of the Nigerian state against Biafra people remain in the public domain and for that we are grateful. 
Now, let me tell you what I am most ashamed of and why Biafra must exist only in the moral space as an ideal within the Nigerian state. It is foolhardy to assume that tomorrow’s Biafra is an Ijaw or Efik or Bini matter. No. It is foolhardy and desperate arrogance to assume that the mere mention of Biafra will suddenly co-opt these peoples into the Igbo agenda. The Ijaw and Itsekiris that are hoarding their oil from Nigeria will not suddenly hand it over to Igbos as these fraudulent propaganda are want to make us believe. The Efiks and Ibibios will not hand over their waters and the Binis will gladly remind Igbos that they have a richer and longer history to be subservient to any Igbo state. The fact that the movement have taken this arrogance to a ridiculous  whole new level by arrogating these people’s resourced as Biafras without discourse, without respect and without a common goal, tells on its own the myopism that defines the Biafra movement. South Sudan will be child’s play when Biafra actualizes. 

The Biafra agitators have offered us no alternative for the development of Igbo land – a nation with barely arable lands, no access to the sea and no industrial ambitions. The narrative seem to be that our problems will somehow magically disappear once independence is achieved. You can taste the future by your today. Igbo states have some of the worst leaders in present day Nigeria. Abia State, which is at the heart of the Biafra movement is the most backward state in living memory in Nigeria. It is steeped in poverty, prebendalism, clannishness and poor choices. If Abia and Imo are the yardstick to measure Biafra, I would rather remain Nigerian. 

Another disturbing issue, is the demagoguery to which the movement leaders have been elevated over commonsense. Nnamdi Kanu has gone from a director of a clannishly offensive and hate baiting rebel radio station to a demigod. He is happy to be serenaded by a crowing, servile crowd falling at his feet with him dishing out blessings as he pleases. This is the dangerous realism that must not endure. 

As much as the Igbo value system is determined by the moral compass of feudal lords and shameless materialism, we will continue to have our society in retrogressive mode and our leadership compromised by charlatans. It is already happening and that is not my Biafra