Friday, October 08, 2016, a team of the Department of State Security stormed the residences of various Supreme Court and High Court Justices in a sting operation over corruption allegations and perversion of justice by the men in black.
These men and women who have been lording over us , making rulings that are almost at par with God’s, have all the while been agents of the devil. I am not about processes on how these legal judases where arrested. But I am about truth and justice and our collective broken trust by those we entrusted to search in fairness for these values.


Yesterday, it was revealed in court that Justice Francis Adetokunbo Ademola, who is accused on receiving N597 million as bribe with his wife to pervert the course of justice on several levels is on a salary of N6.5 million per year. Before you cut in and excuse corruption, do bear in my that this devil in a cloak is actually born into an aristocratic family. His grandfather, Sir Adetokunbo Adegboyega Ademola, was the first Nigerian indigenous Chief Justice of the Federation. He must be rolling in his grave by now.

We’ve always heard stories of the activities of judges but until now, nobody had bothered to challenge them. Story was told of a magistrate who was always in debt and a drug addict (marijuana) appointed a judge in the South East. Or the one everyone knows sells justice to the highest bidder now presiding over our justice system in the appeal court. Yet, these were all stories until Adetokunbo Ademola happened. But let me ask, what happens to all the men, women and companies who lost cases that were presided over by this man? How would they find justice after all this?

It is easy to call this case just another corruption trial because it is not. The foundation of our society has been eroded by this man and his ilk and it is important to dog down into the root and uproot them all. I doubt though that Justice can be served in this case because our judicial system have always been complicit in shielding its corrupt members from trial.We shall see.