Early in the year, March 04 to be precise and based on tip offs i received online, I sent a direct message on twitter to Thoba Sithole to enquire about the status of his wedding to Cameron Modisane. For those who should know, theirs was the famous African gay wedding that made headlines around the world. It was Africa’s first ever Zulu traditional gay marriage.

Thoba responded that those were just rumours and Cameron tweeted me saying I shouldn’t believe everything I hear. It just so happens that around the time i was making this enquiry, Cameron was already filing for divorce from Thoba.

Today, Cameron has released a statement on his instagram page giving the low down on that relationship. You can read it HERE.

While its definitely not our business what went on between those two, yet it is a warning to all those celebrating the historic verdicts on same-sex marriage in the United States and around the world, as if the quest for marriage equality is an end in itself with only Eldorado on the horizon. The rules of the game still applies irrespective of the type of relationship. However, it takes extra dimension when it is same-sex.  For these very public two,  I cannot begin to imagine the social pressure they’ll be under and all we can do is wish them the best

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