I am having a wave of optimism for the future. I feel that the new year will usher in immeasurable goodwill for me personally and for the country. Ever since I turned 40, my perspectives have changed rather dramatically. I felt a certain helplessness that unnerved me and left me an emotional wreck. For months, while most viewed middle age as the beginning of a new life. I viewed it like one leg in the grave. And I know why. I am 40, single and a victim of a debilitating illness. I didn’t think there was much hope beyond today. But now, I feel a surge of change sweeping through my veins and I know why.

First the Predictions for the New Year

1.) I will finally be married in the new year. Yeah, I have that lucky itch on my knuckles. She’s out there and from the much I know already, feels like the one. Am gonna be able raise a family finally and I am already dreaming f the sons and daughters that are waiting to bless my existence. This loneliness will finally be over even if not in a way I would gladly have hoped. Bottom line though is that there’s a window open for me even if the door is closed

2.) There will be an end to the shenanigans of Nigerian government in the new year. I am unsure if it’s possible for any opposition party to unseat the present government. But I feel that the fallouts of the 2015 February National elections will redefine the way we are governed. Nigerians will be confronted with certain hardships that will force our government to be alive to its responsibilities

In all, there is hope for optimism where we can believe in its possibilities. I have a feeling 2015 will be awesome year for me and the country. What is your feeling?