Today, I just completed an upgrade on my life. It’s an upgrade to the latest version 4.0 and It’s not for the faint hearted as only experienced players are permitted to handle it. I feel like I’ve been thrust with an awful lot of responsibilities now. One in which I am no longer managing expectations but living it. If it’s not happening yet for you now, perhaps it never would. And all you see, really, is all there is…and maybe, all there will ever be.

It’s been like a long, arduous journey for me over the past few years. It’s like a never ending maze. Assured sometimes; lost most times and terribly frightened in many others. I journeyed nevertheless because backtracking was never in any of the options. The truth is, if there ever was a reset button on life, there would have been many points in which I wouldn’t have hesitated to click it. Alas, this is one wish that will never be.

I have learnt so much in my journey but the best lessons are laid out in my heart. Those who love you will always be appreciative of the man you are and the man you will still become. Embrace these people because even though you will sometimes find yourself lost and alone and confused, you will always feel protected and assured by the boundless and selfless love they’ll throw around you.

Most importantly, there will be need to let your past stay in your past where it belongs. It’s never a good thing crying over spilt milk. Recreating memories have never been the ideal way to move forward. Such baggages should never be carried into this latest upgrade. They’ve all been identified: real life and online, and they’ve all been marked for delete.

I am happy for His grace in my life. I am humbled by the quality of friendships I have earned over the years. And I am grateful for this journey, no matter how much more advanced I would have wanted to have attained personally.

From my heart, Thank you for all the birthday wishes